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the Enchanting Miss M.

Miss M. is enchanting. There’s no other word for it. Quick to smile and easy to laugh with, our lovely Miss is also about the fittest person I know.

That came in handy for the gymnastics that can sometimes be posing for a boudoir shoot! Lucky she brought Mr. M along to help… for the first half anyway.

After some gorgeous steaminess in the studio, we headed out on location. On the way, we stumbled across an excavator someone had generously left lying around – so Miss August just HAD to make an appearance…

You can probably tell, we had an absolute blast on this shoot. Enjoy the gorgeousness!


The Zen of Photography

If Weddings are the bread & butter, and Fashion/Boudoir/Glamour is the rock star. Landscape’s then, would have to be the Zen of photography.

There’s something enchanting about really slowing things down. I never (never!) shoot with a tripod working with people, there’s too much happening too quickly. So it’s nice to take a break from the mayhem sometimes and shoot past f4.0.

I’m not really patient by nature. More a duck on a pond – everything looks calm on the surface, but the voices in my head are…. you get the idea, lol;-)

So, for me landscapes are perhaps even more a therapy session because it forces me to becalm the maelstrom and concentrate on just a few things rather than the whole box & dice. It’s also nice when that “hard work” gets a little notice – there’s a few award winners in the shots below (he says off-the-cuff-buffing-his-nails….):)

For the most part it’s setting up the tripod, checking how much depth of field I can squeeze outta f16, and waiting for some good light to arrive. That gives me time to plan what the final image could look like (yes, lying with photoshop is far too acceptable these days…). See! Completely different to photographing people. (Except the glacier shot below, that was 2sec of vantage point, the quickest setup-and-compose you’ve ever seen, and shot from a tiny/wobbly seaplane at 200 feet in Alaska. Not much zen right then!)

Enjoy a change of pace.

the sensual Miss V.

Sensuality draws you in.

There’s an aching want to the moment.

It can’t be taught or posed, it’s got to be felt.

Our gorgeous Miss for this week walked into the studio as graceful as someone in touch with their own sensuality can be. Every motion was a study in elegance, an almost feline languidness. You can imagine, then, when we decided to go a little dark and moody as a theme, just how sexy noir can be…

How much do you charge?

How much do you charge?

It’s a fairly innocuous question on the surface. One I get asked ALOT.

I don’t mind it at all. We charge fairly for what we do and the time it takes. When I shoot over 600 Vogue covers, I’ll maybe (maybe!) crack the eyelids and go “Nope, not for less than $10K today….”

That’s probably awhile off though:-)

Right now there are so many others I know who charge more (for comparatively less), or don’t put the effort in right to the end (post production takes great images to jaw-dropping!) – so you lose out.

I also don’t subscribe to aggressive sales tactics, there’s no hidden pricing, we don’t hold your images to ransom. You won’t get an album with 80 layouts and get asked to choose 10. You won’t receive a whole photoshoot for $20 because we’ll ask you to re-mortgage the house to afford the print pack.

What we do is not about squeezing the last drop from each sale. At Black Rose I want you to enjoy the whole experience – from the moment you email us right through to putting those gorgeous photos on the bedside table.


I’ll let you in on a little secret…..



…it’s because…



…..I want you to come back.



I’ll let you in on another secret too – that first photoshoot is addictive. And it SHOULD BE!! You’ll walk in hugging the walls a bit wild-eyed, not sure what to expect. BUT, you’ll walk out head held high with a sparkle in your eye, brimful of confidence. I’ve seen it each time. No exceptions.

Last secret for today… 75% of the people who do a boudoir shoot with us have come back. That’s 3 out of every 4 people through our door that have come back and done another  shoot (or shoots!) with us after their first one.

You can see what they’ve said about us on our contact page.


Change the way you think about yourself

When was the last time you saw a photo of yourself that you loved…?

I had an amazing conversation over the weekend with one of the girls who’d done a boudoir shoot with us awhile back. It was great catching up with her, and chatting away, we covered all the usual ground – boyfriends and breakups, job changes and weight loss. An everyday say-Hi-in-the-street conversation. One thing that struck me was her reflecting on her Boudoir shoot. With no prompting  at all, she made mention of how amazing the whole experience had been and that it has really changed the way she thought – about herself, and about what being beautiful is all about – even though she’d put on weight recently. She said something along the lines of “I have this one shot, there’s something about it and I can’t stop looking at it, I just love it so much!”. I couldn’t help but smile along with her, it was such a joyful moment – she was truly happy.

It occurred to me, THAT – right there, is what we’re all about.

It doesn’t matter your size or shape or experience. Being beautiful – and feeling it – is different for everyone. I don’t do miracles. But a Boudoir shoot with Black Rose is a cool, casual and creative way to show you what I see, and to bring out a little of that inner beauty. If you wait until everything’s perfect, you’ll miss the moment, because life isn’t like that – it’s the journey that counts, not so much the destination.

So, if you want to feel like our gorgeous girl above, or gain a little confidence – and walk away with a photo of yourself that you LOVE.Don’t wait. Just get in touch.